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Empowering Schools for Student Success

Discover how partnering with Maganda can benefit your school and students. We believe in creating a win-win situation for schools, students, and your local businesses. By signing up not only you're empowering your school, but also your high street.

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The Maganda Advantage

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  • Full Donations to Your School:  By joining Maganda, your school will receive full, unrestricted donations. You can use these funds for any purpose you deem necessary, from upgrading equipment, organising enriching school trips, extracurricular activities and more.

  • Exclusive Student Discounts:  Maganda offers a unique opportunity for your students to enjoy discounts at a wide range of local shops and businesses, creating a more cost-effective student experience.

  • Streamlined Digital Solution:  We provide a digital student card that's stored in students' phone wallets, making it accessible and convenient for all. No more hassle with physical cards!

How Maganda Works for Your School

  • Partner with Maganda: Your school becomes a proud partner of Maganda and we work together to bring benefits to your students.

  • Encourage Student Subscriptions: Promote the Maganda subscription service among your students' parents, who can support your school while providing their children with valuable discounts.

  • Unrestricted School Funding: A significant portion of the subscription fees is donated directly to your school, allowing you to decide how to best utilize these funds to benefit your school community.

  • Student Benefits: Students receive their Maganda digital student cards, providing them with instant access to discounts at local businesses.

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Strengthen Your School Community

With Maganda, you're not just providing discounts; you're empowering your school community. Our program enables students to enjoy more activities, engage in learning beyond the classroom, and experience the benefits of local partnerships while giving your school the autonomy to invest in its future.

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