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Use Cases

Lucy - Coffee Shop Owner

Lucy is the owner of a Coffee Shop in London. She wants to create a loyalty scheme in order to reward her loyal customers and attract new ones, although she’s struggling to create a good program.

She is struggling with choosing an audience and products to target. She experiences three waves of customers during the day being in a strategic position of London. These generally include breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

During the breakfast wave she sells a lot of coffees, at lunchtime she sells more sandwiches and in the afternoon she has a large quantity demanded of tea. This means whichever product she chooses, she will miss out on the other two.

By downloading Maganda, Lucy will not encounter any of these issues anymore and won’t be so restricted as to what audience and product she can target.

With Maganda, Lucy will be able to create three different schemes going at the same time. She will be able to create a program for coffees to run in the morning, one for sandwiches to run during lunchtime and one for Tea to run in the afternoon.
By setting up the three programs, Lucy will increase the engagement with her customers and will never miss the opportunity on one of her products again. 

Martin - Barbershop Owner

Martin is the owner of a chain of barbershops of which he already uses a Maganda Loyalty Scheme on. So far he has two successful shops, one being in Brighton and the other in Hastings. Martin is just about to launch his third shop in the centre of London. 

Martin has come to the realisation that he is struggling with a few things regarding the third shop opening. He doesn’t know if customers will know he’s there and whether or not the audience is going to like the same schemes he currently uses in the other two shops.

With the geolocation feature and the multi store management of Maganda, Martin will have nothing to worry about.

By the use of geolocation, Maganda will help Martin advertise his shop letting everyone in the local area know there’s a new shop in the city. When a user searches for a barbershop near them, his shop will be advertised to the user.

With the use of Multi-store management, Maganda will help Martin set up individual schemes in each of his shops. For example in his Hasting’s branch, Martin hardly ever gives long hair cuts, whereas in Brighton he has a scheme doing really well in it. With this feature, he will be able to filter which schemes do well in the new area and apply them to his new shop.

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