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Affiliate Program

At Maganda we believe word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools. This is why with Maganda's affiliate program, by just mentioning Maganda to your favourite businesses and getting them to sing up, you'll be able to claim a percentage of the Membership that business has decided to sign up with.

So next time you: go get your haircut, grab a coffee, go have dinner out, a quick mention could bring you an income!

How it works

You will be given by our team a unique code. If you mention to your favourite business owners about Maganda and they decide to make a a subscription, you will be able to take a commission of 20% of their subscription for the first year!

Sign up to the form below in order to get started today, and next time you go grab a coffee, you might be making money!

By submitting the form below you agree to the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Thanks for signing up to Maganda's Affiliate Program. We'll be soon in touch with you!

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