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Nothing But Loyalty

Get rewards for your loyalty and discover new places, all in one app

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Loyalty Card Scheme

Maganda believes that loyalty is at the centre of our values. This is why Maganda offers quick and easy technology using a QR code scanning system to keep the process simple, and rewarding your loyalty to your favourite businesses.

Say goodbye to old school paper and stamp cards that get lost, and welcome the future of loyalty & rewards schemes always with you on your phone.

Discover venues near you

With Maganda you can discover new places near you and start a relationship with them by just the click of a button. Using Maganda’s geolocation feature you can easily spot who in your area is part of the family.

Going for a trip? Not an issue, Maganda will let you search in advance to see your favourite spots that reward your loyalty.

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Eco Friendly

At Maganada, eco-friendliness is one of our priorities. That is why we designed our app to reduce the paper and plastic waste of regular loyalty cards, improving their usability in the process.

Maganda is the Future

Old School Loyalty cards

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Paper loyalty cards get lost all the time, less hassle for your customers

You can’t track usage of your loyalty scheme 

Harmful for the environment 

Expensive to print

Easily falsifiable


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Your customers will always have your loyalty card on them and will love our easy-to-use app

Go waste-free and contactless with our scan-and-go mobile app

Get clear, detailed data on loyalty stamps awarded, rewards earned and rewards redeemed

Get found by new customers inside the app.

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Be part of the family

Download the app from the button below

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